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Most plans provide a detailed phone log that gives a written record of each call, including date, time, phone number and length of call. Watch employees and record when they are on the phone at work. This can be accomplished through physical observation or by using cameras.

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Enforce disciplinary action if cell phone usage becomes inappropriate or excessive. Disciplinary measures should be fair and logical, and should include exceptions for emergencies. Suzanne Rose has worked as a copywriter for more than 10 years. She has served in various positions for advertising agencies and marketing departments, with work appearing in print and online publications. Rose specializes in topics related to parenting, crafts, health and business. She holds an M.

Skip to main content. Tip Many of the apps that effectively monitor employees' cell phone usage are branded as parental control apps. Despite the different target market, they provide the same services to businesses.

Warning In general, Federal laws allow employers to track cell phone usage, especially when the employees sign a release. Be more careful about examining actual content of the messages such as listening to calls or reading email. Check the local laws in your area or consult a lawyer. References 6 Dr.

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About the Author Suzanne Rose has worked as a copywriter for more than 10 years. Accessed 26 October Like Day 4, Day 5 was generally low in cell phone use. Day 6 was the slowest of all only 95 minutes of use!

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I worked my ass off. I was in the zone, and I just kept my phone out of sight, out of mind.


It was another very productive day for me, work-wise, though not nearly as productive as Monday was. But seeing these findings considered together—and looking at the patterns Moment gleaned from them—did. For starters, I found out Instagram was only my fourth most-used app, and that shocked me. Still, 17 percent is a lot. The finding is admittedly a little concerning, but it creeps me out less than the picking up my phone every nine minutes thing does.

Finally, I spend an average of minutes on my phone during weekdays and minutes on it during weekend days. This is another semi-heartening finding, as the average Moment user spends minutes on their phone per day. That said, I should probably stop comparing myself to a group of people who use their phones so much they actually sought out an app that tracks phone usage. Just spitballing here. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness.

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Facebook will pay you to let it track what you do on your phone

Culture May 2, By Lindsey Lanquist. Share via facebook dialog.

Share via Twitter. Share via Pinterest. Graphic by Cristina Cianci. How I did it: I downloaded Moment , a free app that tracks phone usage, and it pretty much did the work for me. Then I closed out of all my apps. I also pulled up and listened to Spotify. The songs were alternately too distracting and too lame.

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I was just earlier than usual. Day 4 in-depth: A.

I also scrolled through new notifications. Then, I got frustrated and went back to reading. I had a lot to catch up on!

This is what Monday looked like: A.