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While this is good news, it comes with limited features as you can only track call logs, SMS, Contacts, browser history, Events and Notes. Pros: Can be used on a non-jailbreak iPhone, very reliable, great features and excellent interface. Cons: Expensive and have limited features if used on a non-jailbreak iPhone. Spymaster Pro is another well-known monitoring software in the market. It helps you to safeguard your children, loves and business in a security way.

It is easy to use and you only need to register the account, install the software, and then start enjoying it. Much of the features on this app work in real-time that allows its users to access even the deleted data off a monitored device.

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You can monitor phone logs, track social media, access location history or even download all the phone logs from the monitored device to an offsite location. Xnspy isn't pricey and that's what makes it different from the other spy apps. Pros: Fast, accurate and reliable mobile spying with affordable subscription plans. Parents who wants to keep tabs on their kids should download this novel solution.

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The app should be installed on both parents' and child's phones — up to seven family members can be registered at any one time. It will send alerts to the parents when the child is outside the pre-determined 'safe' zone, when the child arrived home. The app tracks the phones location every 15 minutes so you can be assured that information received are not dated. Pros: No need to jailbreak iPhones, affordable and very useful when you fear your child have been abducted. Should you only need to keep track only one phone, try this app instead the previous one — it can only be used by two iPhones for free!

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As long as it is installed inside an iPhone, there is no need to launch the app for it to get working. It is able to locate the other person's location within the past 24 hours — you will be able to program the app to map locations every two to sixty minutes. Cons: Sometimes it takes a lot of time to detect the location of the other phone and it drains out the battery life. Looking for an app that will let you record videos without anyone noticing?

Well, this is app for you. By launching this app, you will be able to record a video of up to an hour long while pretending to use your phone for other things. Pros: No jailbreaking required, excellent low light recording and super stealth. One of the most efficient stealth app that we have tried and tested. What makes this app different from the others is that it has a reverse look-up feature, which means you will be able to trace other information available on the iPhone Contact list with another information besides the name.

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You will also be able to remotely activate the microphone to listen and record to its surrounding sounds and conversations. Other than detecting location via GPS, it is able to use WiFi or network tower signals to triangulate the targeted iPhone's location. Pros: Works in stealth mode, have a great range of surveillance features and free updates after purchase.

You will be able to spy on your spouse as the app will record incoming and outgoing data from his or her iPhone — from email to SMS logs, from Facebook posts to Skype conversations, this app will let you know every detail you want to know. There is also a tracker feature that will allow you to track your spouse in real time. What we find most useful about this app is that it can alert you when there is a change in the SIM card used. Pros: SIM card change alert will let you know if your spouse has another number and you will be able to control the iPhone remotely.

Cons: Need to jailbreak the iPhone and expensive no option for one month subscription. It is one of our most recommended iPhone tracking app because it has all the necessary spy features at a one-time payable price. Like any other spy apps, you will be able to use this to look at your spouse's messaging and call logs, view their emails, track where they are and have remote access to their camera. However, the best feature it has is the ability to uninstall the app remotely when needed. Pros: One-time purchase no need for monthly fees and ability to uninstall remotely.

If you want a spy app that will do its worth stealthily and is great value for your money, this would be the one to consider. It has more than features including call tracking, call interception, instant messaging monitoring, SMS tracking, multimedia monitoring and location tracking among others. The only thing that we really did not like about this app is that they appear to encourage invasion of privacy.

Pros: Has plenty of features, easy to use, and great value for money you can transfer your licence to another device. If you are helping your spouse to kick his or her gambling addiction, we suggest that you download this spy app on their iPhone. It has the ability to check if there are any gambling apps on the iPhone. Other than that, it works pretty much like the previous three apps where you can track location, record incoming and outgoing calls, view pictures taken by the targeted iPhone, look at the browser and call histories etc.

Cons: iPhone must be jailbroken and there is no option for one month subscription.

Not only can you sort through previous activities on the targeted iPhone, you will be able to observe it on a real time basis with this app. It can be used stealthily so that you will not be caught monitoring the targeted iPhone. Unlike many spy apps, this app is able to record incoming and outgoing instant messenger i. Cons: Have to jailbreak the target iPhone and will drain out the phone's battery life fast. Keep in mind that, because of the strength of our lights in our resolution scene, the iPhones defaulted to a virtual ISO of —at lower ISOs the scores would be higher.

Mobile spy iphone 7 or samsung galaxy note 4

The Galaxy S6 has the weakest sharpness score of the trio. It scores 1, lines on the sharpness test, which is less than what we want to see in a photo. Its edges are quite soft when shooting at But even so, the center parts of the image show just 1, lines. Galaxy resolution tests were performed at ISO , its lowest sensitivity.

One other issue with the wide image sensor—if you shoot at When cropping Galaxy images to 4: We do use variable power lights in our testing lab, but are at the mercy of the camera app as to which ISO it chooses. From left to right: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have the same still image quality.

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In bright light—outdoors, even on a cloudy day—your phone is going to default to its lowest ISO. So I compared a shot from each model at its base ISO.

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On both models, the camera's resolution has been upped from 8 to 12 megapixels. The iPhone 6 was already one of the best phone cameras around, and it's capable of taking some truly stunning photos. That Apple had taken something already superb and made it even better was an intensely intriguing prospect.

As a photographer, I was very excited to take the new 6S Plus for a spin around an unusually sunny Ealing, West London to see how the new camera compares to the older iPhone 6, as well as its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6 -- another phone that we at CNET found to be a superb photographer's companion. A quick note on resolution: All phones were shooting on full automatic mode, and at maximum resolution. For the iPhone 6, that's 8 megapixels, with 12 megapixels available on the 6S Plus. The Galaxy S6 offers 16 megapixels, although at max resolution, it takes its shots in a wider In actual fact, the vertical number of pixels isn't all that different 2, pixels on the S6; 3, pixels on the iPhone 6S Plus.

The extra resolution of the S6 comes largely from its extra width -- 5, pixels versus 4, on the iPhone 6S Plus. On this first shot of this church, the 6S Plus has captured a brilliant overall image, with a rich blue sky and great contrast on the building itself. The iPhone 6 has achieved a similarly well-exposed shot. The lower resolution of the sensor is noticeable however, when you zoom into the finer details in the brickwork.

The Galaxy S6's attempt is less impressive here. Although it's also captured a good exposure, its white balance hasn't worked well, resulting in a yellow colour cast on the image. Both the iPhone 6S Plus top and the iPhone 6 bottom took bright and sharp shots of this fungus, with natural colour tones. Surprisingly, there's not a noticeable amount of difference in clarity when viewing at full screen. Number only them you that their need phone to spy track free apps. When someone inserts a new tracking app android sim card in your phone, the mobile tracker samsung champ gt ci connecting to pc problem solving samsung.

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Use the full power of mobile tracking software Monitor messengers Get the full access to chats and messengers of a tracked device. Monitor with mSpy mSpy for phones mSpy for computers. Home Features Buy Now. Although, there are many signs to get an idea of what the features on the phone s support has also been great. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for mSpy. I also like that I can adjust settings, deciding which contacts, sites or apps to block or allow.

I can also block any suspicious contacts, if such occur.